Mes Origines, Mon Bled means "my origins, my village" in French. I was inspired to truly be proud of where I came from after meeting a gentleman at the airport from Uganda. Even though I told him I was Algerian, he shook my hand and said, "You are still my sister". I always encounter this sense of family when I meet others from various countries in Africa. To us, there may be different countries but it will always be one village. 

"Mes Origines, Mon Bled" Cell Case

Phone Type

    • High-Resolution case decoration (300+ DPI print quality)
    • 100% of outer case surface is fully decorated
    • Lifetime Warranty covers defects/product failure
    • 3-Point Quality Inspection Process
    • Created with industry-leading 3D decoration systems, consumables, and processes
    • Rich, vibrant colors embedded deeply into the surface of the case
    • Protective finish resists scratches and prevents image from fading, rubbing off, or blurring
    • Made from lightweight, durable space-grade polymers
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